Coming soon - Finishing and polishing discs for composites
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  • SeptoDiscs allow the most important details of the surface to be achieved: smoothness and gloss!
  • The best range of flexibility: allows easy access to all proximal and interproximal surfaces.
  • Reduced thickness: facilitates access to difficult areas and simply enables contouring and finishing of proximal surfaces.
  • High quality final effect: minimal surface roughness, high gloss.
  • High abrasiveness:better final finishing results in a shorter time, easy removal of all excess composite.

Features & benefits

  • Handy, durable and easy application.
  • Pop-on mandrel system, easy and fast installation of the discs as well as the inversion of the abrasive surface for the mesial and distal positions.
  • Ultra-fine discs are very flexible and versatile. Ideal for difficult to access areas.
  • Four colour coded grits, available in 1/2" and 3/8" sizes.


  • Kit: 120 assorted discs + mandrel (pop-on). 1/2": 20xCourse/20xMedium/20xFine/20xExtraFine - 3/8": 10xCourse/10xMedium/10xFine/10xExtraFine.
  • Refill: 50 discs 1/2" (assorted - 15xC/15xM/10xF/10xXF)
  • Refill: 50 discs 3/8" (assorted - 15xC/15xM/10xF/10xXF)
  • Refill: 1 mandrel (pop-on)