BioRoot™ RCS

Mineral-based Root Canal Sealer
  • Bioroot™ RCS


  • Permanent root canal sealer

Features & benefits

  • Outstanding adhesion to dentine* and gutta-percha points
  • Hydrophilic - BioRoot RCS continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture
  • Pure mineral formulation - will not stain teeth
  • Resin-free - made from pure calcium silicate and is monomer-free ensuring zero shrinkage**
  • Great flowability - seals auxilliary canals
  • Uses cold single cone or cold lateral condensation
  • High 5mm Aluminium radiopacity for clear images on radiographs


  • 35 application pack - 15g bottle, 35 x 0.20mL liquid pipette. 1 measuring spoon
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