Ultra Safety Plus Twist

The patented safety syringe system designed to prevent needle stick injuries

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Patented safety injection system


Secure twist & lock system


Prevents needle-stick injuries

  • Indications

    • Safe routine dental local anaesthetic injections
    • IMPORTANT! – Twist needle/syringes are incompatible with the old BLACK or WHITE handles. Handles for Twist are BLUE or WHITE. If it doesn’t say TWIST on the handle – do not use it with Twist syringes.
    • Likewise, do not use Twist handles with the old non-twist Ultra Safety Plus.
  • Features & benefits

    • Protection from needle stick injuries for you and your staff
    • In line with latest regulations
    • Easy and secure lock makes your device intuitive and safe
    • Available with either sterile WHITE single-use or sterilisable BLUE handles
    • Both passive and active aspiration for the security of the patient
    • Transparent barrel to allow visualisation of aspiration
    • Two different positions: Holding Position (reversible) and Locking Position (irreversible)
    • Bevel indicator facilitating the appropriate orientation of the bevel
  • Presentation

    • Box 100 sterile needles + 1 sterilisable (blue) handle
    • Box of 50 sterile single-use (white) handles
    • Single sterilisable (blue) autoclavable handle with 5 O-rings available separately
    • 100 silicone O-rings available separately
    • Available in 27g short, 27g long, 30g short, 30g ultra short
  • Documentation

How to use

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Key facts and figures about this product


From 11.8 to 0 needle-stick injuries per 1 million hours worked upon the introduction of Ultra Safety Plus Twist


Of UK dental schools teach injections with Ultra Safety Plus Twist

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