Ultra Safety Plus

Needle stick injury prevention device
  • USP-original-536x396


  • Routine administration of dental local anaesthetics

Features & benefits

  • Sterile, single use, aspirating syringe system, specially designed to prevent needle stick injuries
  • No recapping necessary, so conforms with GDC guidelines
  • With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel to the bone
  • With transparent barrel to allow visualization of aspiration


  • Box of 100 needles individually packed and sterilized + 1 autoclavable (black) handle
  • 50/50 i.e. box of 50 needles individually packed + 50 disposable sterile (white) handles
  • Box of 50 disposable sterile (white) handles
  • 27g short, 27g long, 30g short, 30g ultra short
  • Single black autoclavable handles available seperately
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