SeptoWheels PX

Coming soon - Impregnated felt wheels
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  • Performing the perfect filling requires skill, ideal materials and reliable instruments. To achieve a unique final effect of polishing, an indispensable element are the SeptoWheels PX felt discs.
  • Light reflecting from the surface gives the desired outcome of a natural looking reconstruction. SeptoWheels PX felt discs are composed of natural wool impregnated with abrasive polishing paste, activated with a few drops of water.

Features & benefits

  • Excellent effect during final polishing, i.e. naturally shiny surfaces.
  • Provides beautiful, white and bright teeth after whitening procedures.
  • Impregnated with ultra-fine dehydrated polishing paste, activated with just a few drops of natural water. Available in 9.5mm size.


  • Refill: 8 polishers (assorted/Cone/Disc/Cup)
  • Refill: SeptoPlus mandrell (snap-on)

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