Coming soon - Silicone polishers for composites, glass ionomers and amalgams
  • SeptoPolisher


  • SeptoPolisher offers a shortened clinical process when working with silicone polishers.
  • Depending on the pressure applied, it is possible to have both finishing and polishing effects with just one tool. Applying more pressure intensifies the effectiveness of the finishing phase. To achieve the desired polishing quality use less force, which

Features & benefits

  • One silicone polisher is enough to achieve the desired finishing and polishing of the restoration, saving time and abrasive materials during the procedure.
  • High resistance polishers can be used several times, suitable for sterilisation.
  • Available in 3 shapes: cone, disc, and cup.


  • Refill: 8 assorted polishers + mandrel (3x Cone/3x Disc/2x Cup)

Brochures & Case reports