SeptoMatrix Sectional

Coming soon - Preformed sectional matrices system with reinforced rings for Class II restorations
  • SeptoMatrixSectional


  • The SeptoMatrix Sectional system is indicated for restorations of Class II cavities.
  • It provides optimal conditions for precise reconstruction of contact points and provides a natural tooth anatomy in proximal areas.
  • The rings are equipped with triangular silicone tips for perfect adaption of the fit.
  • Strengthening of the rings guarantee controlled forces during separation - hard ring (blue) or soft ring (pink) - and greater stability during the reconstruction procedure with additional increased durability of the rings.

Features & benefits

  • Reinforcement made of durable material.
  • Unique design: provides stability, enables safe opening with the help of forceps.
  • Easy, quick and comfortable placing by a ring system, which replace the typical matrix holders.
  • Sectional matrices available in 3 different sizes for better adaption to all clinical situations.
  • Rings with silicone tips suitable for sterilisation.


  • Kit: 100 assorted matrices (L, M, S) + 2 reinforced rings (Hard & Soft) + 14 triangular silicone tips
  • Kit: 50 assorted matrices (L, M, S) + 2 reinforced rings (Hard & Soft) + 8 triangular silicone tips
  • Refill: 1 reinforced ring (Hard/Soft) + 8 triangular silicone tips
  • Refill: 50 matrices (assorted/L/M/S)
  • Refill: 50 triangular silicone tips

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