Detartrine 100ZF / 150Z (discontinued)

Prophylaxis paste
  • Detartrine 100ZF / 150Z


  • Prophylaxis treatment after scaling
  • Elimination of drink, food and tobacco stains
  • Polishing of dental surfaces

Features & benefits

  • Available in 2 abrasion levels to meet all clinical situations:coarse (RDA 150), medium (RDA 100)
  • Available in both fluoride-containing and fluoride free formulations
  • Detartrine 150Z - contains Zirconium - Ideal for initial polishing & patients with substantial stain build up
  • Detartrine 100ZF - contains both Zirconium and Fluor - Suitable for most cleaning procedures where high level of polish is desired while contributing to remineralization of dental surfaces
  • Available in tubes for a more hygienic and accurate dispensing


  • 1 x 65 ml tube